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Kanpeki 3 4oz MMA Gloves

4oz MMA Gloves
Dhs. 310.00

The Kanpeki Elite® Series 3.0 for the athlete who demands perfection – an unrivalled fusion of old world tradition and new world technology. 

Superior Hand and Wrist Protection

Equipped with patented Dual-X™ technology, The Kanpeki Elite® Series 3.0 4oz MMA Gloves provide the ultimate wrist support for maximum power generation. The inner core also allows the glove to rebound flawlessly from the most severe of impacts. 

The World’s Finest MMA Gloves

Perfectly engineered for the most demanding combat, from the gym to the MMA world stage. These regulation 4oz MMA gloves keep your hands dry, comfortable and secure during any type of training or competition.