Passing the Butterfly Guard - Michael Tremblay

Butterfly Pass 1a

Michael breaks down the elements of what the person sweeping wants/needs in order to complete the sweep. Armed with that knowledge, we can attempt to not only counter, but pass the butterfly guard.

Butterfly Pass 1b

This second pass deals with the scenario of an opponent who has very active butterfly hooks. When the first pass fails because the bottom person follows with their butterfly hooks, we use that to our advantage to pass to the other side.

Butterfly Pass 2a

This pass, much like the first pass requires an early identification of the position, and an understanding of what the bottom person wants/needs. This is a very effective counter/pass to the butterfly guard.

Butterfly Pass 2b

This pass is an alternate to Pass 2a, again dealing with an opponent that has very active butterfly hooks.

Butterfly Pass 3

This pass combines the energy and responses from the previous techniques. 

Butterfly Passing Recap

Butterfly Passing Recap Michael talks about tying all of these passing pressures together and how they work based on the response of your opponent.

About Mike:

Michael is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under his father, Brazilian Top Team black belt Peter Tremblay.

He is an experienced competitor, having competed twice at the Abu Dhabi World Pro, as well as won numerous tournaments, including the Ontario Open, the IBJJF Montreal Open, and the IBJJF No-Gi Pans.

In this series of techniques, Michael chains together 5 options for passing the butterfly guard, depending on the reaction of your opponent.