Valeriu Gutu

To #RiseAbove you need to work hard, go outside of your comfort zone, have a vision and most importantly believe in yourself.
We are working with individuals that love training hard and hustling to achieve their goals.
Valeriu Gutu is a Fitness Development & Sports Performance Specialist. World Champion of Extreme Sport Challenge, ex Professional Soccer Player, Valeriu is known as one of the most inspiring motivational trainers in the game. His training style incorporates various techniques including resistance training, high-intensity interval workouts, metabolic body-shredding system, and boxing.

If you follow Valeriu's Instagram, you will see that he is always looking for new ways to work out and reach his goals.

Boxing is one of his go to activities "I like to practice boxing as a part of my workout routine, and it gives me that impulse-momentum of fighting with a lot of energy required" says Valeriu.

"I think the T3 boxing gloves are dope! Great quality and you feel very professional when you wear them. The wrist support is important for avoiding injuries."