Mackenzie Dern


Mackenzie Dern, the number one ranked female black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, earned that honorable milestone under her father, Wellington Dias, one of the top BJJ black belts in the world. Dern’s natural grappling ability, talent, and pure skill allowed her to flawlessly transition to MMA with her debut at Legacy Fighting Championship in 2016. Dern’s sights are now set on the UFC to cement her legacy in not only BJJ but in mixed martial arts as a whole.


  • World Champion (2015 Black Belt, 2012 Brown Belt Weight & Absolute, 2011 Purple Belt, 2010, 2009 & Blue Belt 2008)
  • World No Gi Champion (2015 Black Belt Absolute, 2012 Brown Belt, 2011 Weight & Absolute, 2010 & 2009 Blue/Purple)
  • Abu Dhabi World Pro Champion (2015 Weight & Absolute)
  • Pan American Champion (2016/2015 Black, 2012 Brown, 2011 Purple)
  • FIVE Super League Champion (2015)