Our Process



The evolution of combat sports equipment depends on pioneers like Hayabusa to continue to push the envelope. Without exception, every single product is developed with the purpose of improving the performance and protection of the athlete. Hayabusa has placed a primary focus on investing and partnering with industry leading experts in design, engineering, materials development, and scientific research. We continue to align ourselves with the highest skilled professionals, both internally and externally to develop products and innovations vital to advancing combat sports technology. We then focus on implementing our patented designs with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. With every product, we follow these five steps for development. The end result is an unparalleled reputation as the premier brand and innovator in the field of combat athletics.



In an effort to develop the most cutting-edge equipment, every project starts with establishing a clear concept with the goal of taking performance and safety to the next level. Whether it’s introducing the world to a new category defining innovation or refining an existing design, every project is reviewed by our team to clearly identify the need in the marketplace. The initial stages of our product development cycle are driven by industry, customer and professional athlete feedback and research data. Once the prospective product or design is established, a formal strategy and concept can be defined and applied. Properly initiating this framework is critical for our team to decide how best to attack and accomplish the innovation set forth.



After clearly outlining the product concept, we execute the project evaluation and design stage. This is the critical phase where we integrate our market research, lab testing and state-of-the-art technologies to properly analyze and define the product specifications. This stage is critical to determining the concept feasibility and scope. The idea must meet our strict safety and performance criteria established by our renowned R&D team and pro-level team of fighters. If the project passes our rigorous review process, we advance to the prototype phase where the concept advances into a tangible concept.



Every innovation and design is prototyped - with no attention to detail overlooked. All concepts and innovations are formally mocked and tested in order to obtain real life data for in depth analysis. Prototype creation involves extensive material procurement with the strictest standards and criteria. Everything developed undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that materials, designs, features and technologies have a positive and significant impact on performance and or safety. The steps involved in this stage are quite lengthy and typically involve many feedback systems to ensure the prototype is perfected prior to manufacturing considerations.



The utmost pride is taken in our manufacturing process to ensure only the best craftsmanship and quality for unparalleled performance and durability. We share a vision with our material suppliers and factories which plays a critical part in this process and have invested greatly over the years in fostering these collaborative goals. This has allowed us to create a professional environment with the highest of standards. It is our collective promise to solely develop products that are worthy of the Hayabusa name. In addition, strict third party quality control systems with the most robust audits are implemented ensuring consistency and quality every time. The bottom line: No other company possesses this same relentless commitment and passion to produce only the highest caliber products.





We have funded scientific research at both at the University of Waterloo and University of Cincinnati and also continue to work with third party laboratories and researchers. With various trials ranging from performance and safety testing to feasibility exploration, this research helps us quantify and prove the efficacy of our technologies and designs. In addition to producing significant proprietary data, these studies have also led to publications in third party journals.

We are also actively involved in Government Scientific Research and Experimental Development Programs. These incentivised programs reward companies for conducting Research and Development activities and we are proud to be continuously recognized for our R&D efforts and commitment to scientific development and advancement. Our initiatives have supported the progression of science in the combat industry and has allowed us to achieve impressive results in terms of materials and designs.





Hayabusa products are field tested everyday by combat practitioners around the world.  From within some of the best training facilities in existence to mats, rings and cages of top tier combat organizations, our products are constantly being pushed to the limits.  Time after time, these battle tests prove that our process is unmatched and our product truly delivers the performance and protection that is our promise.